Tips on Asking for Fundraising Donations

Does Your Organization Have An Advocacy And Need Some Funds To Run It?

Fundraising Tips

You can ask for fundraising donations to help you raise funds and get you to working on advocacy or charity.

There are even already many successful Hawaii fundraising activities that helped the many people and the environment.

However, asking donations is not easy. First of all, you need a mountain of bravery to face your prospects and a huge amount of convincing powers to get their “yes.” Secondly, you have to conquer the fear of being embarrassed and of being rejected. And those two things are not easy to deal with.

One main thing about asking for fundraising donations is that you have to be sincere. When your sponsors see that you are sincere of your advocacy or in helping a charity, they would gladly help you in it.

Sincerity is the key, but it’s not just all about sincerity. You also have to make preparations before heading to your prospects so that you can be ready for what you have to say and of whatever they may ask you.

This article will give you tips on asking getting donations from companies or individuals effectively.

1. Research You Prospect Sponsors

Researching about your prospect donors can give you an idea of what they are and if they are likely to support you in your cause. Some essential questions that you can find answer about your prospect may include:

  • What are they passionate about?
  • Do they support causes? What are these?
  • Have they previously given donation for causes?
  • What are their hesitations when giving?

Through the answers to these questions, you would know how you can approach them and ask them about your need.

2. Practice

Tips for fundraisersIf you practice what you have to say, you are likely to become more confident when facing your prospect. This is because you know what you are going to say and how to construct your message, compared to if you don’t practice. Practice aloud, look at yourself in the mirror as you speak, and if possible, record it so you can hear if you sound good or if you need to improve your delivery.

3. Don’t Surprise Your Prospects

Don’t just suddenly appear in your sponsor’s office without him/her even knowing that you are coming. Contact them in advance and tell them of your intent for visiting them. This way, you can also set schedules where both of you are vacant. This also helps you make sure that when you go there, your prospect donor is there, too.

4. Be Specific About The Amount You’re Asking

Your donor doesn’t exactly know how much your cause costs. Don’t make it a guessing game to them. You may tell them of the specific amount that your cause needs or you may ask them by saying “Would you consider a gift of ___?”. This will at least give them an idea of how much they can afford and be willing to give.


Asking for fundraising donations is not an easy task. You’ll have to be brave enough and ready for any rejections. But with these tips, you can be more confident and ready in approaching your prospects. Aside from these, the main tip is always to be sincere. Don’t think about just getting the money. Most of all think about your goal of running the cause.