Use Cleaning Lady Services or Hire an Individual Cleaner?

Is it time to hire a cleaning lady? Yes! It’s a no-brainer for almost all wives or mothers who are career women. It would be convenient and stress-free for you if you hire one.

This article will discuss why you need cleaning lady services. You need to know the difference between hiring an individual or from maid service Dallas.

Use Cleaning Lady Services to Clean Your Home

Why You Need Cleaning Lady Services

You need cleaning help for various reasons. Do you know that the most important benefit you get for hiring cleaning lady services is TIME? The most valuable resource is time. Compute how much time is worth to you. It’s so easy to do the math here. If your time is worth $60 an hour and the maid charges 25 per hour. Isn’t it worthwhile to hire a maid?

Here are some reasons why you need time in exchange for using cleaning lady service:

  • You have enough time to take care of your family. Your kids are in their developmental age and need your hands on guidance.
  • You need to focus on your online business. There are things you can’t entrust to an assistant. You have a commitment to fulfill. There had been online orders for your homemade bath bombs, but your time is divided between housework and business.
  • Downtime for yourself. You want to have a relaxing bath, read a book and listen to jazz music.
  • You need to go outside and hang out with friends. It has been months since you last seen each other. There’s a newly opened bar, and some friends invited you out.
  • You need to learn a new skill. You’ve wanted to be an online marketer, and you have to focus on a course you took to upgrade your skills.

There are endless reasons for hiring cleaning service. Don’t ever think that using cleaning lady services is for the privileged only.

Hiring an Individual vs. Cleaning Lady Services

Hiring an individual cleaner yourself has its benefits and downside as well. Find a Cleaning Lady to Service Your HomeWhen you hire the cleaner yourself, you don’t have to speak to the receptionist or the manager of the company. You can talk to the person directly and immediately tell her what you require. The cost is lesser compared to a cleaning lady services.

Yes, you can hire somebody at a lower cost than a service company, but you are required by the IRS to withhold and pay their Federal income tax as an employer.

Besides the income tax headache, what if that individual breaks something precious. The person you hired is not liable to pay anything to you. And, what if the person you hired had a bad fall while cleaning the bathroom. Hiring one is quite complicated.

The best option is hire cleaning lady services. Typically they are covered by a health insurance. They are also bonded and insured.

You don’t have to think about buying cleaning materials because it is provided by the company unless you buy your organic cleaning materials.

Final Words.

If you value your time, then using cleaning service is a no brainer. No need for second thoughts. Weigh your options now that you know the pros and cons of hiring an individual as a cleaner.