Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management

Understanding Social Media Management

Social Media Management deals with the marketing of a business via the use of the social media platforms. As we all know, these platforms have taken the world by storm. It has witnessed an exponential growth over the past decade or so. With a user base of billions of people, these offer a huge marketing opportunity to the business owners.

These platforms help the brands by facilitating user engagement and creating brand awareness. Social media management involves tracking and monitoring millions of potential consumers worldwide and analyzing their interests, so that these companies can create strategies especially catered to a set of individuals.

Social Media Marketing Platforms

A variety of these platforms is available with each having its own set of features and user base. These require their own marketing strategies which will help you know how to market yourself through social media. These include:

  • Social Media Marketing Drives Traffic To Your WebsiteFacebook

For users, Facebook allows the creation of profiles, whereas, for businesses and brands, it has the provision of pages. It allows the brands to post content on their Facebook page, including photos and videos. If the audience likes the content, they may share it with other users and increase brand awareness.

  • Google+

This platform also allows for sharing of media content. For real-time video sharing, the platform offers its hangouts feature. Circles feature of the platform may be used to divide users into subtypes based on their interests and information may be shared in the circles that cater to the interest of the audience.

  • Pinterest

Pinterest is an image-only platform and allows brands to develop their self-image by using pictures related to products or other attributes associated with the brand.

  • Twitter

Tweets are the trademark media of Twitter. These are updates that are broadcasted across the platform to a list of users following the poster of the update (Tweeter). A brand may post new products or sales information as well engage with its customer on the platform.

  • LinkedIn

Though a professional network, if LinkedIn is combined with the right marketing strategy, it may create a great brand image for the business owner.

  • YouTube

YouTube allows for sharing of videos via your brand’s channel. Videos are a great tool for online media marketing these days.

Mastering Social Media Management

The right strategy for social media management involves a few basic steps:

  • Strategize

It is best to plan beforehand and chart a marketing strategy.

  • Value-based content sharing

The best marketing strategies provide something that is useful to the consumer. Stick to only valuable content.

  • Blogging

The majority of brands today make use of blogs to share information with the consumer base. Video based blogs or V-logs are the buzzword of the day.

  • Monitoring

Make use of monitoring system to track the footprint of your brand as well as those of your competitors. See what the user says about you and strategize catering to the needs and demands of the user.

  • Analyse and Track Data In Order To Secure Growth Of Your BusinessTracking and Analytics

It ultimately boils down to the money a brand makes. Find if the strategy is converting into actual sales. A variety of software and systems are available for the same.

Social Media Management Systems

This involves a plethora of procedures and tools, both automated and manual, to ensure optimum workflow for the various platforms’ management. These systems help track and analyze multiple media channels and platforms from a common interface.

These systems offer a variety of features that allow for easy management of online media marketing, including scheduled automated content delivery, tracking and analysis, monitoring of user sentiment regarding brand, cross platform management and reporting.

It has become very important for a business to maintain a good presence among the social media user base. Though a difficult affair, it can be managed with the right strategy and use of the right software and system. Marketing a brand not only creates a positive consensus about the brand, it also bolsters the customer service experience by allowing user engagement. These ultimately lead to increase in revenue for the brand and a better stronghold over the target markets.