Is CBD Illegal? All You Need To Know

The subject of medical marijuana is controversial as the substance is not yet legal for medical or recreational use in all fifty states. However, marijuana contains a compound known as Cannabidiol or CBD that brings benefits to a wide variety of ailments. This begs the question, while marijuana is still illegal under federal law and most state laws, is CBD illegal?

CBD does not cause any sort of mind-altering elements

What is CBD?

Marijuana is typically bred to be high in one of two main substances – CBD or THC, as the two tend to cancel each other out naturally in the plant. THC is the controversial compound in marijuana that is key to the recreational usage as the chemical is responsible for the euphoric feelings of being “high”, while CBD does not cause any sort of mind-altering elements but does offer a variety of medical benefits. CBD works to encourage the production of naturally occurringcannabinoids in the human body, rather than attaching directly to the body’s cannabinoid receptors as THC does. This means that CBD helps the body to enhance a natural function that brings benefits throughout the body’s different systems without barraging the cannabinoids receptors, which would result in the patient feeling “high”.

Is CBD Illegal?

CBD-rich marijuana is still illegal under federal law as it is classified as a Scheduled I Substance, and is a highly controlled substance in the states that currently have passed laws for legalized medical marijuana. So, you might be still thinking is CBD illegal for farming and harvest? The farming, harvesting, and refining of hemp is still largely illegal in the United States, however, the sale of finished hemp products like CBD oil or hemp oil, is legal when imported from overseas.

In fact, the compound CBD itself is far from illegal, as a medical card or prescription is not even required in order to obtain CBD oil or products, and are currently available for purchase online from reputable distributors and medical centers. So, that should answer your question of is CBD illegal or not. If you still have doubts, you can check out the site of FDA and follow the news.

How is CBD Utilized?

Studies have found that regular doses of CBD oil help patients with epilepsy to have fewer and less severe episodes. CBD oil also helps a variety of uses for physical diseases like Type 1 Diabetes, or mental diseases like PTSD but does so without the psychoactivity caused by THC so patients are lucid and able to go about their daily lives. Many short-term studies have been published, but the data for long-term effects are still yet to be determined as CBD oil is a fairly new product on the market due to the controversy surrounding medical marijuana. Hence, you shouldn’t have any doubts about if CBD is illegal or not.

marijuana is still illegal under federal law

CBD is Legal but Remains Controversial

Though CBD is legal for daily use, the source of the compound causes such products to still carry the burden of controversy of medical marijuana. Patients are also skeptical of the effectiveness of CBD because a medical card or prescription is unnecessary, so it is on the same level of skepticism of most supplements. CBD is a legal and safe medical alternative to use, but patients should consult their healthcare provider before trying.