Five Factors to Consider When Choosing a Roofing

Are you confused about what roofing you should be choosing for your home?

There are a lot of different materials, each with different features, functionality, durability, and pros and cons. You can go on to stores which provide roofing materials or check their website for convenience and get to see the different features of the various types they offer.

And before rushing into any decisions, check the factors that one has to consider when selecting materials for a house or building.

Five factors to consider when choosing a roofing for your home building:

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1. Home or Building Style

Your roofing material should complement the architectural style of your house. Historic types of houses mazy best fit with tile roofing, while slate is for French-style homes. Some roof materials can complement with many types of homes. Asphalt shingles, for example, can suit to almost any home style, and wood shakes can be both for historic and contemporary homes.

2. Roofing Application

Is it a new roofing on a new structure? Is it a replacement roof? Or is it an additional roofing to the structure? New ones have more flexible choices since you don’t have any existing ones to adopt to. In a replacement roof, you might need additional framing if the new roof is heavier than the previous one. An addition roof can have very limited choices since it has to complement with your existing roof.

3. Ownership

If you think that you’ll be staying in that home for a long time, perhaps a lifetime, then a high-quality roofing is a wise investment. In that case, you won;t have to spend so much for maintenance, repairs, and replacements. But if you think you won’t be owning the property for more than 20 to 25 years, then might as well choose a material with a shorter lifespan. In that case, you can lower your cost in your roofing.

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4. Functionality

If you live of a place where it snows on winter seasons, you may choose a roof that can shed hail and snow fast. Or if you are in a place where heat can almost burn your house interior during summer, then a roof material which reflects sun rays can be a good option. Choose the functionality that best suits the location of your house building.

5. Aesthetics

Some roofing materials come in different designs. Functionality is important, but it would be better if the roof serves its purpose and at the same time looks good. So get one that matches the type of your house, the color of your exterior, and other aesthetic factors that complement the overall appearance of your home building.


You might love how the type of roof looks like, or how durable it is, only to find out once installed that it doesn’t match with the structure of your building, or that you’ve invested so much when you are only renting the place for ten years. Avoid these problems in installing a roofing. Remember these five factors that you have to consider in selecting a roof material and design, and have the proper roofing that is just right for your building needs.